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This website offers a lot of calculation tools for electronic circuits as well as some electronic projects like power supplies or rf related stuff like antennas or filters. Also a large amount of pictures and information about Thailand and Thai Customs has been researched and made available. Last but not least a collection of nice recipes of tasty food is presented. Some of them have been invented by us and some are copied from good chefs. (German only) If you have further questions feel free to ask.
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Welcome to www.changpuak.ch

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Our electronic calculators are welcome among ama- teurs as well as technician. Some projects we like, as well as seemed interesting to us are also presented here. Almost weekly updates (in the rainy season :-) As jewels are harder to find or need more time to research, updates are not that often. But thats what makes a jewel : it's rareness. The foodlab mainly experi- ments with new combinations for muffins. Some classic recipes as well as some asian ones (copied from good chefs) which every hobby cook should know are also presented. Mostly technical or cultural subjects. Pictures taken by the webmaster of this site.

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