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Broadband UHF Amplifier

This is not a new invention. It's just a hack together of some (very) nice parts. And the result is yet another rf building block :-)

Broadband UHF Amplifier with a GALI-39+

✈ Hardware Description

This design uses an GALI-39+ (from Minicircuits) as it has the lowest noise figure (of this series) NF = 2.4 dB. The gain is 20 dB. The bias current can be adjusted by choosing six resistors. The bias of the monolithic amplifier is done with an TCBT-14+ (Minicircuits), as it is very challenging to do it better ...

The gain at 3 GHz is slightly below the typical data, as FR4 starts degrading above 2 GHz. The bias is calculated for a supply of + 15V, supply current is about 30 mA.

✈ Performance

Gain (S21)

Figure 1. S21 (Gain)

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t1 = 3943 d

t2 = 629 ms

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