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Broadband Measurement Amplifier

A derivate of this.

The original design has been expanded with an attenuator at the input and output. With that, the matching is increased and the gain can be set to almost any value.

Broadband Measurement Amplifier

✈ Hardware Description

This board was designed to upgrade the Si-570 Testboard to a fully synthesizer with - 37 dBm up to + 13 dBm output power. To reach that high output power, a GALI-51+ was selected. It offers a Gain of 18 dB as well as a maximum Output power of 18 dBm (@ 1dB Compression). With a typical device current of 65 mA and a typical voltage of 4.5 V, we must get rid of 7.5 V @ 65 mA (as we use a 12 V power supply). This is done with 6 x 75 Ω.

✈ Performance

Broadband Measurement Amplifier

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t1 = 3943 d

t2 = 319 ms

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