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1.5 GHz Prescaler :1000

Prescaler :1000

The Prescaler is a handy Accessories to extend the Frequency Range of any Counter to more than 1.5 GHz. The Use of the MC12080D in alliance with a Standard 74HC390 allows a Division rate of 1000. Easy Reading assured ! The Device consumes about 20 mA at 5 V Supply. The Input Voltage range is about - 20 dBm to + 10 dBm

The workhorse of this circuit is unquestionably the Prescaler, who delivers 'manageable' frequency and amplitude towards the HC-Mos logic.

DIY Mini VHF Frequency Display

Operating window of the prescaler. Drawing courtesy of ON Semiconductor.

This downscaled frequency is stable in amplitude, but needs a small buffer to achieve TTL levels. Our standard circuit with the BFR92A takes care of this job. If there is no signal present at the input, the prescaler may oscillate. To stop this, a resistor of 82 kΩ is put in parallel to C13. This will shift the bias point of the input stage slightly.

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