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UT 803 :: RS232 / Let's get serial

The UT 803 is a low cost yet precise lab multimeter. The Serial Port (RS232) obviously has no output ... unless you supply it via Pin 4 and 8 of the SUB-D jack.

UT 803

The supply of the RS232 Board may be done with the handshake signals, but if you build your own measurement setup, this is likely to be overseen. (The manual forgot to mention that) As you may see on the (reverse engineered) schematics, a positive supply (+5V to +12V) must be applied to PIN 4, whereas a negative voltage (GND or -12V) must be applied to Pin 8.

UT 803

adubli  Schematics (PDF)
jpeg  Schematics (JPG)
jpeg  Schematics (TARGET.3001)

In order to see if the circuit works, we suggest you use HTERM or an Oscilloscope.
In order to comply with RS-232 Specifications, you should use at least +/- 5 V.

Serial Data

UT 803
The pcb inside
and the connector outside

Just as a reminder : Baud Rate 19200, 1 Start bit, 1 Stop bit, 7 Data bit. Parity : odd

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