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Compositions by H. M. Bhumibol Adulyadej

An overview

H. M. Bhumibol Adulyadej

H. M. Bhumibol Adulyadej (05.12.1927 - 13.10.2016), the late King of Thailand, has written more than 49 compositions. His music is known in Thai as "Phleng Phra Ratcha Nipon" (เพลงพระราชนิพนธ์), literally "Royal Compositions". He was influenced by jazz, but also wrote music in other genres such as waltz, march, and classical music.

Source of Picture : The Nation


His Majesty started learning music at the age of 13 while living in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the beginning, his interest was focused on the saxophone, musicology, composing and playing but he later shifted to jazz, playing his saxophone along with the records of such jazz legends as Johnny Hodges, Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, Lionel Hampton and Benny Carter, as well as Dixieland jazz, his preferred music style. At the age of 18, the King composed the melody of his first song, "Saeng Tien" ("Candlelight Blues"). Even today, his most popular numbers are the catchy, light-hearted "Yam Yen" ("Love at Sundown") and the more wistful "Sai Fon" ("Falling Rain"), all written in 1946, the year he became the ninth King of Thailand’s Chakri Dynasty.

Source of Information : "The high notes of a musical life", The Nation, October 17, 2016

Overview over his compositions :

#ThaiEnglishEnjoy here
1แสงเทียนCandlelight BluesYoutube
2ยามเย็นLove at SundownYoutube
3สายฝนFalling RainYoutube
4ใกล้รุ่งNear DawnYoutube
5ชะตาชีวิต Hungry Men BluesYoutube
6ดวงใจกับความรักNever Mind the Hungry Men's BluesYoutube
7ราชวัลลภRoyal Guards MarchYoutube
8อาทิตย์อับแสงBlue DayYoutube
9เทวาพาคู่ฝันDream of Love Dream of YouYoutube
10คำหวานSweet WordsYoutube
11มหาจุฬาลงกรณ์Maha ChulalongkornYoutube
12แก้วตาขวัญใจLove Light in My HeartYoutube
13พรปีใหม่New Year GreetingYoutube
14รักคืนเรือนLove Over AgainYoutube
17มาร์ชธงไชยเฉลิมพลThe Colours MarchYoutube
18มาร์ชราชวัลลภRoyal Guards MarchYoutube
19เมื่อโสมส่องI Never DreamYoutube
20ลมหนาวLove in Spring / Tea For ThreeYoutube
21ศุกร์สัญลักษณ์Friday Night RagYoutube
22Oh I SayYoutube
23Can't You Ever SeeYoutube
24Lay Kram Goes DixieYoutube
26สายลมI Think of YouYoutube
28แสงเดือนMagic BeamsYoutube
29ฝัน/เพลินภูพิงค์Somewhere SomehowYoutube
30มาร์ชราชนาวิกโยธินRoyal Marines MarchYoutube
31ภิรมย์รักA Love StoryYoutube
32[ธรรมชาติ วอลซ์]Nature WaltzYoutube
33[ผู้ล่า]The Hunterหา ไม่ พบ ครับ
34Kinari WaltzYoutube
36พระมหามงคลPra Maha MongkonYoutube
37ธรรมศาสตร์Thammasatหา ไม่ พบ ครับ
38ในดวงใจนิรันดร์Still on My MindYoutube
39เตือนใจOld Fashioned MelodyYoutube
40ไร้จันทร์/ไร้เดือนNo MoonYoutube
41เกาะในฝันDream IslandYoutube
44ความฝันอันสูงสุดThe Ultimate DreamYoutube
46เรา - เหล่าราบ 21Infantry Regiment 21Youtube
47Blues for UthitYoutube
49เมนูไข่Menu Kaiหา ไม่ พบ ครับ

Enjoy them all in Changpuak's Playlist เพลงพระราชนิพนธ์ on Youtube.

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