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Pictures were taken at Thai Human Imagery Museum, Nakhon Chaisri
(73120 Nakhon Prathom)
034-332607 • 034-332109
Thai Human Imagery Museum
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Thai Human Imagery Museum


Information as of November 2010

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is a very good starting point to gain insight in Thai History and Culture.

❶  Location

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located at 43/2 Moo 1, Tamboon Khun-Khaew, Pinklao - Nakhon Chaisri Road (km. 31), Nakhon Chaisri, Nakhon Prathom Provice 73120. Phone 034-332607, 034-332061 and 034-332109

❷  Opening Hours

The Museum is opened daily. Monday - Friday from 09:00 till 17:30 and Saturday/Sunday from 08:00 till 18:00.

❸  History

The Museum opened on June, 14th in 1989. The Artist Duangkaew Pitayakornsilp and his Team did not only develop a new technique to produce figures which look extraordinary real, they also do so since more than ten years and therefore the Museum has over 100 characters from Thai History towards present. As every hair is separately assembled, it is understandable, that the Manufacturing of one character takes up to two years. Over the years, the Museum gained more and more attention among the audience - a true "Bijoux" as we think !

❹  Some Impressions ...

Chakri Dynasty

Group Picture of the Kings of the The Chakri Dynasty

Honourable monks of Thailand

Honourable monks of Thailand

Khru Chuangchan Chankhana 'Pranboon' Khru Phaiboon Butrkhan

Famous Composer / Musicians : Khru Chuangchan Chankhana 'Pranboon' (1901-1976), the first Thai Song innovator (left), and Khru Phaiboon Butrkhan (1918-1972), Father of Thai Folk Songs (right)

Thai Human Imagery Museum

Aspects of Thai History (Slavery) ...

Phi Suesamut

Phi Suesamut, a sea demon who fell in love with Apaimani and then hijacked her to live with him in an undersae cave.

Thai Human Imagery Museum

... as well as everyday life situations :-)

Thai Human Imagery Museum

Some more pictures can be found here

Source : Handout from Museum / own observation.
All pictures © Copyright by

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