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★★★ Royal Projects ★★★

The Chaipattana Aerator • กังหันน้ำชัยพัฒนา

Chaipattana Aerator, Model RX-2

The Chaipattana Aerator is a low speed surface aerator for which His Majesty holds a patent in Thailand. A lot of different models have been developped in the years after its invention. Such devices may significantly improve the water quality of lakes / ponds which have no natural source of air / oxygen.

Water & Oxygen, dissolved Oxygen

Water is a habitat not only for fish, but also for a lot of bacteria and plants. Similar to organisms on land, oxygen is necessary for them to survive. Fish and crustaceans have gills to absorb the oxygen for respiration. They need a minimum of 4 mg O2 per liter of H2O to survive without damage.

The capability of water to dissolve oxygen is 9.1 mg/l @ 20 °C (maximum, lower at higher temperature). But this is only a theoretical value. The actual value is lower, because of other substances dissolved in water or because fish absorb the oxygen. On the other hand it is increased by introducing oxygen through various mechanism.

The amount of dissolved oxygen is therefore a balance between absorber and donator, temperature and other substances dissolved. If this balance is seriously disturbed, one would speak of waste water or « น้ำเสีย ».

Countermeasures • Principles of Operation

To avoid (or cure) that, it is possible to enrich the water with air. This is very advantageous for still waters like lakes or ponds, where no natural flow takes place. Here, the aerator produces some waterflow to enrich the water with air (which consists of approx. 21 % of oxygen).

The model RX-2 consists of two wheels where in between are six baskets mounted. The baskets are open on top and have a lot of small holes at the walls and at the bottom. This ensures, that, when the wheels turn, the baskets are filled quickly when diving into the water and empty slowly in a lot of thin water jets, maximizing its efficiency by creating turbulence in the water.

1) motor
2) gear(box)
3) bearing
4) ...
5) pivot
6) wheel
7) basket
8) floating body
9) transverse connector
10) ...
11) stand

Drawing courtesy of His Majesty, found at :

Polluted / waste Water

In case of polluted/waste water, the aerator is used in combination with water hyacinth. The aerator adds oxygen to the polluted water and the hyacinth filters / treats the water.

Chaipattana Aerator, Sanam Luang, Bangkok Thailand (October 2017)

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