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★★★ Royal Projects ★★★

Agricultural Station Angkhang • สถานีเกษตรหลวงอ่างขาง

"The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang is His Majesty The King's personal project for eliminating opium growing of the hill tribes people." The station is located at Doi Angkhang (approx. 165 km north of Chiang Mai). It can be reached by Minibus.

✈ Aim

The hilltribes in that area mainly lived on growing opium and therefore cleared the forest. Nevertheless they remained poor. His Majesty soon saw that clearing the forest would have disastrous effects on the landscape in the future to come. His Majesty then bought a piece of land and commanded to establish The Royal Project Foundation in 1969 under the directorship of H.S.H. Bhisatej Rajani as the chairman of Royal Project, which mainly works on research about temperate fruits, flowers and vegetables to be the sample for the agriculturists to do for their living. Later H.M. naming it "Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang".

The three main tasks of this station are :

1) Research on Highland Agriculture

Being 1'400 meters above the sea level, the temperature at The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang is cool all the year round which makes this station the main research station for temperate fruits, flowers, medicinal plants such as peaches, pears, persimmon, kiwifruit, blueberry and strawberry and temperate flowers - over 50 kinds - like roses, begonia, azalea and herbs. Research also includes fast growing plants, both local and international breeds such as various kinds of bamboo, Chinese tea, linseed and wheat.

2) Promoting and Training Tasks

The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang is one of Thailand's most important centers for highland crops growing. Therefore in each year there are a lot of public and private agencies as well as farmers who have visited Angkhang station. Thus, Angkhang station has been established as a training center to publicise highland agriculture technology to train students as well as officers all through the year.

3) Career Development and Extension Tasks

Palong, Yunanese and Black Lahu are three tribes that the Royal Project Foundation and other government sectors, through The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang, have developped and improved their occupations. Main important activities include the development of water resources, plantation planting, the promoting of growing proper temperate fruits, vegetables, cut-flowers, tea and strawberry and social awareness in conserving the natural environment and reforestation. Other development activities introduced are bamboo weaving training, dolls making from ebukae grass, co-operation establishment, conversation awareness program for community development activities ranging from environmental conservation, social conservation of typical garment, proper trash handling, and preparation for agro tourism in villages. At present other than cash crops grown, farmers also obtain extra cash of approximately 60'000 baht per household from growing temperate fruits, flowers and sales of handmade souvenirs to tourists.

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✈ What to expect

This Royal Agricultural Station is a huge garden like research area, covering about 330 hectar. It's mostly european plants and flowers are cultivated with a lot of dedication to details. Unfortunately the (for me) interesting parts like growing and producing of tea are sourced out. Far away as I've been told.

*** WELCOME ***

Aloe vera
Nasturtium (ground),

Peaches, plums and abricots
Ornamental cabbage

✈ Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Khun Wantana, Khun Num and N'Jeab for realising an extraordinary guided tour. ขอขอบพระคุณมากครับ.

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