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The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง

Biography of a Pet Dog, by H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Since she is the dog of the His Majesty the King, she is often referred to as 'คุณทองแดง' which means 'Mrs. Copper'

This is a story about a very loveable dog which manages to win the Kings heart due to politeness, obedience, and loyalty . The book is apparently intended for children, but offers interesting background information about Thailand and an insight view in the Royal Palace. A 'MUST-READ' for every student of Thai culture. It is not amazing that this book was sold out in hours. (But I got one :-)

Fortunately both (the original as well as the cartoon version) are available in Thai and in English language !

The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง

Tongdaeng (ทองแดง) originally was a stray dog, which was adopted by H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej. She was presented to him on December 13th, 1998 (2541).

The Story tells us, that she was crying long time, until presented to the King, and then, whilst lying on the lap of the King slept well and in peace.

Whilst living in the Palace, Khun Tongdaeng is a docile pupil.

She understands the King's commands and has the ability of acting within the meaning of the order.

Therefore the King calls her a 'common dog who is uncommon'.

'She is humble and knows protocol' the King writes. 'She would always sit lower than the King - even when he pulls her up to embrace her, Tongdaeng would lower herself down to the floor, her ears in a respectful drooping position, as if she would say: 'I don't dare' ...

The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง The Story of Tongdaeng • เรื่องทองแดง

We recommend you to buy both versions, but must say, that the cartoon version offers more insight in Thai Custom, as it has much more pictures showing details which a Not-Thai may not know.

And - last but not least - the possession of books makes you smart - if I remember correct :-)

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