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Roman Numbers :: ตัวเลขโรมัน

A manual - ผู้ให้คำแนะนำ

This website was created, because we had the impression, that the conversion of Roman Numbers challenges even smart people. But the rules are easy. We will explain their use, here.

§1 Available Digits

The Roman Numbering System knows seven Digits.

Roman DigitIVXLCDM

§2 Maximum ocurrence

You may use every digit maximum three times. This also means, that the largest number is MMMDDDCCCLLLXXXVVVIII (4998). The smallest is I (1), as there is no digit for zero.

§3 Adding Digits

The digits are added, if the larger one is on the left side. Example : CI - here we have C(100) which is left of I(1) - therefore the value is 100 + 1 = 101.

§4 Subtracting Digits

The digits are subtracted, if the smaller one is on the left side. Example : IX - here we have I(1) which is left of X(10) - therefore the value is 10 - 1 = 9.

It is not possible to combine any smaller digit with any larger digit.

• I (1) can only be followed by V (5) and X (10)
• X (10) can only be followed by L (50) and C (100)
• C (100) can only be followed by D (500) and M (1000)

Online Calculator


Credits: The calculator is from Netzreport (2006)

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