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Thai Ghosts - ผี

Purely subjective experience

As Thailand is very beautiful and the wheather is always fine, it is apparently, that ghosts prefer more to live there, instead of cold and ugly other countries. Therefore a lot of ghosts are well-known in Thailand.

Kra-Sue .:. กระสือ

Kra-Sue is a kind of Thai ghost that possesses women, especially old women. She likes to eat raw meat. It is believed that Kra-Sue only comes at nighttime to find food. But she doesn’t come in a common way. Kra-Sue will have only her head and her entrails with green light flying out into the woods and leave her body at home. The smell of newly born children attracts Kra-Sue to come. She will possess a woman who just gave birth and eats her entrails and also her child’s. It is said that Kra-Sue is afraid of barb because it could cut her entrails, thus people put it up to prevent Kra-Sue from coming to their houses. Besides raw meat, Kra-Sue also likes to eat nastiness such as feces. When she finished eating, she will use clothes of people hung on clotheslines as napkin to wipe off dirt on her face. And if people boil that cloth, Kra-Sue will have a burning pain at her mouth. When Kra-Sue knows that she will die (too old to live), she will descend the spirit of Kra-Sue to one of the female relatives. To do so, Kra-Sue will trick a woman to drink water that has her saliva in it. The only way to get rid of Phi Kra-Sue is to kill her. There is no ceremony to eliminate the spirit of Phi Kra-Sue out of her body.

Kra-Hung .:. กระหัง

Kra-Hung is believed to be a male ghost. His habits are similiar to Kra Sue’s habits. Kra-Hung can fly using threshing baskets as its wings and sits on a pestle at the same time. To become Kra-Hung is quite easy. It is believed that if you do any mistakes or break any dark arts rules. For example, a man does not keep a promise to his teacher (in this case, it refers to a dark arts teacher). If the teacher says that walking under a clothesline is prohibited and the man does it, then he will turn into Kra-Hung.

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