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Offering food to monks :: การ นิมนต์พระ (light)

A (reduced) instruction for Europeans

These instructions are therefore reduced in order not to overload your memory capabilities. There is no need (and few chance) to perform better than the locals. On the other hand the original version contains a lot of redundant information ( e.g. [...] I came here to wait for you honorable monks - and I prepared food [...] which is obvious. Somehow you managed to get there, where you are )
These instructions are for male persons. For female persons other restrictions may apply. Katoeys are considered male.

❶ Get information about the temple

Ask at the temple of your choice, how many monks there live. Ask when they come back. (Around 07:00 h) As they get up very early - and you problably not - you may want to meet them when coming back. This is also advantageous as you know, that they must come through the main entrance. (And so will not miss them)

❷ Prepare the food

There is no need to prepare the food by yourself. You can have it done by a restaurant. Be creative ! Offer steaks and swiss chocolate. Fruits are always welcome. Choose mango instead of banana. Hint: monks are not allowed to wish a certain food, so don't ask them.
According to the number of monks you may now prepare an equal number of "care-packages". You may also add flowers. Soap must not contain perfume. Fruits whose (Thai) name starts with a "มะ" [Ma] like มะม่วง (Mango) can also be eaten after 12:00 h.

❸ Wait for the monks ...

การ นิมนต์พระ การ นิมนต์พระ

❹ Greeting & Invitation

If the monks are approaching (approx. 2-3 m) you attract their attention by performing a very polite " ไหว้ " [Wai].
Then you will invite them to accept the food by saying :
niH mohnM phraH khrapH/khaF khaawR cheernM rapH aaM haanR

Note: male speakers use "ครับ" [khrapH] whilst female speakers use "ค่ะ" [khaF]
The superscripts show the pronounciation. H=high, L=low, M=medium, F=falling, R=rising.

❺ Acceptance

The monks show their acceptance by presenting their bowl to you. You may now put one of each "care-packages" on or inside it, depending on the size.
Under any circumtances use both hands.

❻ Blessings

Now you may kneel down and put your hands together, thumbs touching the nose. The monks then will speak a prayer.

การ นิมนต์พระ การ นิมนต์พระ

❼ The other monks ...

It is very likely, that there is some food left, as not all of them went out. You then move to the dining hall, where they have 'breakfast' and present the rest of the food to the other monks. You approach them and kneel down shortly in front of them. Then you put the "care-packages" in front of them, maybe on their bowl, if possible. After done so, you may again kneel down in front of them and put your hands together, thumbs touching the nose. The monks then will speak a prayer. Sometimes it is expected that you wait till the monks finished their meal, so you may have a personal talk to them.

Note: The monks give you the occasion for a good deed. Therefore you must be thankful. And not they.

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