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Disc_Air_Capacitor_Calculator.php   7274 Bytes    28-06-2016 18:40:27

Disc Air Capacitor Calculator

(Air dielectric inside :-)

Disc Type Adjustable Capacitor Air Core Coil

Plate Geometry


 round       half round  

Radius or Length [mm]

Spacing d [mm]

Relative permittivity

Air : 1.00059, FR4 : 4.7, PTFE : 2, more.

Capacity [pF]


Area [mm2]


Max. Voltage [kV]

(for air dielectric)



✈ Credits

The technical drawing of the capacitor (top right) is courtesy of "public domain" from wikipedia. The gold plated variable disc capacitor was in an old Hewlett Packard Synthesizer. Merci Peter !

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t1 = 3941 d

t2 = 560 ms

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