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Diplexer Calculator (Lowpass)

Ideally suited to match a Mixer Output Port

A diplexer presents a broadband termination to e.g. a mixer, which is connected on the left side. Due to the inductor, the input resistance of the next stage e.g. the if - amplifier needs only to present a good match for some low frequencies, which can pass the inductor. Higher frequencies are shorted via the capacitor to the correct load of 50 Ω. The drawbacks are noted below the calculator.

Schema Diplexer

Frequency [MHz]


Impedance [Ω]


Capacitor [pF]


Inductor [nH]


Resistor [Ω]



Schema Diplexer

It can be seen clearly that 50% of the power is dissipated in each of the resistors. ( at the frequency where the diplexer is designed for ). The IF-Amplifier will see only half of the available power. If you want to avoid this use the Bridged Tee Configuration (Bandpass).

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