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22. July 2024
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A budget Phase-Shifter for IQ Mixing Applications

Version 2 uses 74LVC circuits with a matched propagation delay

The assembled prototype

✈ The Design

The Design uses 74LVC circuits. They are not that fast as ECL logic, but 50 MHz should be possible. Here we make use of the fact, that a phase shift of 180 degress (you mayst call that inverter) at a frequency f0 equals a phase shift of 90 degres at f0/2. We therefore use two D-type Flip Flops to half the frequency. And the clock of one of these is inverted.

We carefully selected an inverter as well as a buffer with the same propagation delay of typically 2.0 ns @ a supply voltage of 3.3 V (from NXP). Using similiar devices from other manufacturer may ruin your day.

The word "budget" applies for power consumption as well as for price.

✈ Downloads

Printed Circuit Board

✈ Performance

Input is 30 MHz TTL (DS345). Output is 15 MHz

Input is 100 MHz (SMC100A) with Bias-T. Output is 50 MHz. Scope-BW is 100 MHz :-(

For mixing applications, a lowpass is not always necessary. Some mixers perform best, when using a square wave local oscillator.

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t1 = 6584 d

t2 = 210 ms

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