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Adding Up Multiple Carriers

Keeping the Peak Voltage constant

Two Carriers as seen by a Spectrum Analyzer ...
... add up in Voltage and Power in an Amplifier

Maximum Level [dBm]
System Impedance [Ω]
usually 50 or 75
Voltage [mVrms]
Voltage [dBmV]
Number of Carriers
Power per Carrier [dBm]
Voltage per Carrier [mVrms]
Voltage per Carrier [dBmV]

✈ Composite triple beat • Cross modulation

Measuring third order intermodulation products is a well established procedure to characterize the performance of an amplifier. This method uses two carriers. When your band has likely more carriers such as cable television or a shortwave band, methods slightly change.

They change by that, that you are still looking at second and third order distortion products, but this time, they are produced by a a lot of single cw frequencies. And that produces even more unwanted products. As the number is huge, they are regarded as a 'single' fence.

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