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24. July 2024
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UpConverter_for_SDR_Callisto_ea.php    5504 Bytes    09-02-2024 15:36:08

UpConverter for SDR, Callisto e.a.

... but we use a +13 dBm Squarewave as LO ...

✈ Specifications

Supply+ 9 V, 46 mA
Input0.5 / 5 ... 36 MHz (depends on Mixer)
Output114 ... 150 ... 186 MHz

✈ Notes

This 'Converter-3' is a small gadget to expand the frequency range of an SDR (RTL) receiver. We use a high (+13 dBm) LO level to take into account the possible high levels in the shortwave band. There a different types of mixers possible. The ADE-42MH+ was in our treasure box.

As other deigners use lowpassfilters in conection with crystal oscillators, we verified, that a trapezoidal (squarewave) shape of the LO yields a lower conversion loss - and has no other disadvantages.


The only difference - besides the higher IF level - is, that a squarewave LO produces more powerful products higher order. As the IF is usually filtered, we do not consider this as a huge challenge.

This converter deliveres both sidebands, the LO-RF and the LO+RF. They are symmetrical around the 150 MHz carrier.

RF was 10 MHz, 0 dBm

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