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22. July 2024
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Broadband UHF Amplifier BONLab-81

A small helper for the lab. Designed in Khon Kaen. Made in Zürich.

The Prototype.

✈ Hardware Description

This design uses a GVA-81+ (SMT Gain Block, DC - 6000 MHz, 50Ω, MCL) as it has the necessary Gain of 10 dB and an 1-dB compression close to +20 dBm. The Bias is handled by a TCBT-14+ (Bias Tee, 50Ω Wideband 10 MHz to 10 GHz, MCL)

On the DC side, a Schottky Diode protects the circuit in case of wrong polarity applied. Some decoupling capacitors ensure a smooth supply. A 1 Ω Resistor allows for current measurements as well as an overvoltage protection. The circuit should be supplied with +5.2 V. It draws around 106 mA. Increasing the supply does not increase the Gain.

The gain at 3 GHz is slightly below the typical data, as FR4 starts degrading above 2 GHz.

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