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12 GHz Prescaler :1000

12 GHz Prescaler :1000

The Prescaler is a handy Accessories to extend the Frequency Range of any Counter to 12 GHz. The Use of a HMC363 in alliance with a PLL (ADF4113HV) and a ATtiny13™ allows a division rate of 1000. Easy Reading assured ! The Input Voltage range is about - 20 dBm to + 10 dBm.

Circuit Description

The first stage is a HMC363SG8 which divides the input signal by 8. The next stage is a PLL-IC (ADF4113HV) which is cheap and has the the ability of output the RF_IN divided by the Prescaler/Counter, which is set by an ATtiny 13 to 125.

A final Buffer (BFR92) decouples and amplifies this signal so that a Counter can count it.

12 GHz Prescaler :1000

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