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VHF Amplifier with the BGA 2817 (NXP)

Yet another MMIC wideband amplifier - DC to 2.2 GHz.

The assembled prototype

✈ The Design

The design was mainly inspired by the BGA 2817 datasheet. It uses only two capacitors for input / output ac-coupling.

There is no inductor necessary to supply the dc !

As it runs on 3.3 Volts (20 mA), a 78L33 (SO-8) voltage regulator was added to allow for higher supply voltages. (7...30 V). Having such a low supply also suggests, that the output power is not that high. The datasheet specifies 5 dBm at 2150 MHz. We measured 7 dBm at 100 MHz. If you want more, maybe a 5 Volt regulator (ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS) will do the trick.

Even so the datasheet says: "General purpose low noise wideband amplifier for frequencies between DC and 2.2 GHz", we would not call a NF of 3.9 dB as "low noise", but as a second stage it mayst work fine. Keep in mind that the maximum input power should not go above Pin <= -20 dBm (unless you want to create harmonics :-)

✈ Downloads

✈ Performance - Matching : S11, S22

10 MHz CW
S11 - better 10 dB up to 2 GHz
10 MHz CW
S22 - better 10 dB up to 2 GHz

The matching is better than 10 dB up to more than 2 GHz. This makes this amplifier a beautiful candidate to be used to terminate a mixer very broadband-ly !

✈ Performance - Isolation : S12

Isolation is better than 30 dB up to more than 6 GHz. Maybe some antistatic foam may improve that figure even more. The datasheet calls up number of 39 dB up to 2150 MHz.

✈ Performance - Gain : S21

The Gain is 25 dB up to 2 GHz. It then drops slightly to 13 dB at 4 GHz. This mayst be caused by the used FR-4 pcb material. If you want to go higher, Rogers™ is your friend.

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