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Homebrew Function Generator (with XR2206)

Yet another (nifty) Function Generator

We know, that there are a lot of designs out there, but this one offers :

• Amplitude and Offset tunable for all (Sine, Triangle and Rectangle) Waveforms
• Output Voltage can be as high as 70 Vpp (useful for scanning piezos)
• Built-in Clipping Detection
• Built-in Frequency Counter (with ATmega8)
• AM Modulation Input (controls Sine and Triangle only)
• FM Modulation Input (controls all Waveforms)
• Sync Output (TTL)
• min < 1 Hz, max > 100 kHz in 5 (widely) overlapping ranges (Standard Version)
• min < 1 Hz, max > 10 kHz in 4 (widely) overlapping ranges (High Voltage Version)

Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206 Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206 Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206

The Project uses two PCBs, one for the complete Function Generater including the Frequency Counter and one for the Power Supply and the final Output Amplifier. (AD811 and OPA452)

Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206

Displaying alphanumeric characters is limited when using seven-segment displays,
but 'Hello' in Spanish works fine ...

Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206

... and after some 'Display-Test', the Frequency is displayed ...

Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206

If you just need the standard version, ( 20Vpp, 100 kHz ) a lot of the parts on the mainboard need not to be assembled.

The Source-Code for the ATmega8 was developped with CVAVR and the comands have been chosen not to consume too much calculation power in order not to slow down the interrupt controlled multiplexing of the display.

The device just needs four alignements. (Symmetry, THD, Ampl. Sine, Ampl. Triangle).

The AM-Input is AC-coupled, whilst the FM-Input is DC-coupled. Useful input voltages are in the range of 0...3 V.

Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206 Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206 Homebrew Function Generator with XR2206

FSK, ASK, AM and FM is no Problem with this nifty Function Generator :-)

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