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Additional Parts for all Arduino 'mod' Projects

What a lot of people want to know but don't dare to ask

Hej, as I get a lot of emails asking for details about projects, I assembled this website to describe some always used parts. We did not expect people to replicate a project exactly by 100%, as local distributers may offer different components, based on different standards and availability.

✈ The Case

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 KOH 2 fischer elektronik, KOH 02 160 ME
 KOH 4 fischer elektronik, KOH 04 160 ME
 KOH 6 fischer elektronik, KOH 06 160 ME

In order to achieve 64.5 mm in height, you can combine a KOH6 with a KOH2. Or twice the KOH4. Many other manufacturers also have nice cases, as our pcb's are 100 x 160 mm in size.

✈ The Rotary Encoder

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 Rotary Encoder Bourns, PEC11R-4215F-S0024 (Mouser)
 Knob Eagle Plastic Devices, 450-BA600 (Mouser)
 PCB Changpuak

✈ The Display

no have

 OLED : SH1106 Monochrome 1.3'' 128x64 OLED graphic display
  from Ali or out of the Bay
 PMMA window sometimes this and sometimes that.

✈ The Frontpanel

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The Frontpanel was designed using Target3001 from IBF. There is a free version available, you are bound to have your pcb's or frontpanel's made from Beta Layout. As this is the only company printing on aluminium, that's not a problem. As a starter, you mayst want to check out - a completely random - file from me. And double check, that all elements to be printed are on the correct layer !!!

✈ Share your thoughts

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