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LumpedBalunCalculator.php    5346 Bytes    21-12-2021 17:42:43

Lumped Element Balun Calculator

With an example of the NE/SA602/612

Lumped Element Balun

R1 [Ω]     Unbalanced port
R2 [Ω]     Balanced port
Frequency [MHz]
C1, C2 [pF]
L1, L2 [nH]

✈ Example : NE/SA602 • NE/SA612

From the datasheet, we know that each output (Pin 4,5) has an impedance of 1.5 kΩ. As we use both, this adds up to 3 kΩ. Our Bandpassfilter wants to see 330 Ω for optimal performance @ 10.7 MHz.

Keying those values into the form above, we get C1, C2 = 14.95 pF and L1, L2 = 14'799 nH. Using the closest E12 values, we would therefore use 2 x 15 pF and 2 x 15 µH.

As we do need some dc-blocking, two additional Capaitors of approx. 47 nF shall also be added at the output of the IC.

The simulated Ciruit ...
... shows good match.

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