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The Mobile Emitter

A Small RF Source for Antenna Measurement

✈ General Remarks

This is a set of small, battery - powered crystal oscillators. As they are intended for Antenna Measurement, a 9-Pole Lowpass is also onboard. In order to make it portable, a battery compartment houses 2 x AAA batteries. The 3 V from the batteries is linear regulated to 2.5 V to power the xco. An attenuator at the output shall match the impedance to something close to 50 Ω. As there is an uncounteable number of crystal oscillators available out there, we designed 'some' boards, in order to have a reasonable selection. Currently, these boards are available :

CMOS_2.5V_5x3.2mm_4PinKC5032A (KYOCERA AVX)
LVDS_2.5V_2.5x3.2mm_6PinSG3225VAN (Epson Timing)

... And yes, the name was inspired by Star Trek :-)


The Prototype ...
... produces a pure spectrum

Our candidate from Kyocera produces approx. - 4 dBm @ 150 MHz. Powered by 2.5 V (minimum).


The Prototype ...
... produces a pure spectrum

Our candidate from Epson produces approx. - 19.2 dBm @ 250 MHz. Powered by 2.5 V (minimum). If you need more power, try bypassing the linear voltage regulator. Still too low : change the attenuator at the output.

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