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bandpass_filter_designer.php    5522 Bytes    12-02-2018 11:22:57

Bandpass Filter Designer

When designing Bandpass Filters, it is sometimes more convenient to have a Lowpass / Highpass combination instead of a 'true Bandpass'.

This tool let's you decide, when to use which approach. The decision is derived from
the relative Bandwidth.

Lower Corner Freq. [F1]

Upper Corner Freq. [F2]

Center Freq.




Relative Bandwidth



• If the rel. Bandwidth is less then ~ 90 % it is wise to use a true Bandbass.
• If the rel. Bandwidth is larger than ~ 90 % it is wise to use a Highpass + Lowpass.

• If the rel. Bandwidth is 90% you have a problem :-) just kidding - choose by yourself.

Information based on 'Das AKTIV-FILTER Kochbuch',
by Don Lancaster, ISBN 3-88322-007-8

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