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Broadband Measurement Amplifier with the LMH6609

Vu = 1000 • 300 Hz up to 30 MHz

Broadband Measurement Amplifier wih the LMH6609

The Prototype. And yes, Pin 4 was floating on OpAmp 2 and 3

✈ Hardware Description

This Amplifier uses the LMH6609 (ultra wideband, unity gain stable, voltage feedback op amp that offers 900 MHz bandwidth at a gain of 1, 1400V/µs slew rate).

In order to achieve a high Bandwidth, we used three of them with only a moderate Gain of 10 per stage. And yes, 10 * 10 * 10 = 1000 :-)

The Input has a high impedance of approx. 5 kΩ. Output is low impedance.

The Circuit has a Voltage Regulator 78L12 onboard to offer a stable Supply for those OpAmps. With that, an output of 10 Vpp is no problem. (Absolute Maximum Rating : 13.2 V). Power Consumption was less than 50 mA.

With the specified 3.1 nV / √Hz Voltage Noise it is suiteable for Test equipment as well as for IF or RF amplifier or ADC driver. (Says Texas Instruments)

✈ Downloads

✈ Performance

Amplitude Response
Slewrate is approx. 20 ns / 5 V

A handy little amplifier, suiteable to amplify Power Supply Noise (as it goes up to 30 MHz) as well as to be used in an e.g. EMC-Precompliance Setup.

If you want to go for Ultra Low Noise, use the OPA 1611.

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