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phase_noise_jitter_conversion.php    13825 Bytes    12-02-2018 11:22:26

Phase Noise (dBc/Hz) to Phase Jitter Converter


A linear characteristics between the data points is assumed. The data shown here is from an Mini Circuits ROS-1310C+ Oscillator. This is just for illustration. Feel free to insert your own values. The calculations are based on the paper of Bar-Giora Goldberg, "The Effects of Clock Jitter on Data Conversion Devices," RF Design, August 2002, pp. 26-32, available at

  Clock Freq.




  Offset #1

  Level #1


  Offset #2

  Level #2


  Offset #3

  Level #3


  Offset #4

  Level #4


  Jitter [rms]

   ms      µs      ns      ps      fs      as



✈ Notes

• In case you have more values, use the Excel Spreadsheet.
• To compare values, one usually limits the bandwidth to 10 kHz - 10 MHz. (12 kHz - 20 MHz)
• When displaying jitter values, always note the center frequency and the bandwidth !

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t1 = 6586 d

t2 = 288 ms

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