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Voltage : R10
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Current Limit : R3
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VB 408 Replacement .:. QO-408 (V1)

A replacement for the versatile VB408 from SGS Thomson

Schematics VB408 Replacement Schematics VB408 Replacement

The VB408 from SGS Thomson is a versatile High Voltage Regulator IC. Unfortunately it is no longer produced. As we used this circuit in a lot of designs like many other users, it appeared to be a good idea to have a replacement. We therefore designed a small PCB with a Power Transistor to replace the VB408. The Design is very sophisticated and the parameters like Output Voltage and maximum Current may be set by Resistors. See Calculator on the right side ...

Giant magneto-resistive Sensor
The PCB ready to be tested ...
Giant magneto-resistive Sensor
... in the "Demoboard".

With an adequate heatsink, the Power Transistor may dissipate up to 150 W or more.


A friendly user from Solothurn wrote me : "The regulation concerning input variation is excellent" 0.2 V voltage drop when the load changes from 5 W to 80 W. (Vout = 270 V). Ripple voltage at 80 W and 270 V is only 0.1 V ("superb").


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