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Noise Figure Measurement using the Y-Method

Manual and online Calculation

This methode needs a calibrated Noise Source. It is more precise than the Gain-method.

Noise Source ENR [dB]
Level OFF [dBm]
Level ON [dBm]

Noise Figure [dB]

✈ Method to be used

1) Connect the output of the Noise Source to the input of your Amplifier / DUT.
2) Connect the output of the Amplifier / DUT to the input of the Spectrum Analyzer.
3) Power the Noise Source off an the Amplifier / DUT on.
4) Set the Spectrum Analyzer to average, to have a clearer reading.
5) Read the Power level on the Spectrum Analyzer. Curser might come in handy.
6) Power the Noise Source on and read the Power level on the Spectrum Analyzer.
7) Hack your readings into the Calculator. Press Calculate Button.

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