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Online Calibration of Noise Sources : The ENR value

Manual and online Calculation

Your homebrew Noise Source is only as good as the provided ENR value. Here we show how to achieve that. The drawback : you need a good Spectrum Analyzer. We used the FSP-3 from Rohde & Schwarz. This is our calibrated Reference.

Set the attenuator of the Spectrum Analyzer in manual mode to 0 dB. Connect your Noise Source and power it up. As this is a noisy thing, some averageing mayst be necessary. Set a marker on the frequency of interest and note the power. With the calculator below, you can then calculate the ENR value.

Frequency [MHz]
Noise Level ON [dBm]

ENR [dB]

✈ Method used

Starting with the (averaged) Power in dBm, we go to dBm/Hz by compensating for the RBW (resolution bandwidth). Adding the thermal noise of a resistor @ 300 K, we get the ENR value of the Noise Source.

If the amplitude response of your Noise Source is not that horizontal, several values mayst be a good idea to fully describe it.

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