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22. July 2024
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proj_08.php    4569 Bytes    22-04-2024 03:15:22

Power Supply PETH-40-HAM

+/- 15 V, 1.5 A, (nothing adjusteable)

This Design was done on public demand. 'HAM' in this case is not related to 'Amateur radio operator'.


The main design goal was low-cost and reliability. All the regulation and current limiting is done with two standard voltage regulators, 7815 and 7915, both specified for 1.5 Amp.
In order to achieve long life, the capacitors are far away from the heatsink to avoid heating them up.

We afterwards realised, that 10'000µF Capacitors are cheaper than 4'700µF (both 25V). Feel free to use them instead ...

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