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A ± 15V, 600 mA, linear regulated Power Supply

PETH-20 power Supply

This Power Supply was designed as an easy Project to get used to soldering - and at the end - have something useful. The fact that factories stop producing linear Power Supplies makes it even more interesting.

✈ Circuit Description

The torid transformer has its secondary center tap grounded. By that we can get away with only 4 diodes and still have approx. ± 20 Vdc.

With two large capacitors of 2200 µF, the voltage is smoothed. The current limiting is done with an opamp (LM10), a pass transistor (TIP-152) and a shunt resistor (0.33 Ω). As the LM10 has an internal reference voltage of 0.2 V, the absolute maximum current is 0.2 V / 0.33 Ω = 606 mA. (Specifications are always made lower, so the customer is happy, discovering that the devices delivers more for the same price :-)

Following the current limiting section are two standard voltage regulators 7815 and 7915 in a TO-220 case which has an internal current limit of max. 1.5 A - that would have been too much for this small transformer.

✈ Downloads

✈ Ripple and Noise

The Measurement Setup as well as other devices can be found here : Ripple and Noise Measurements.

Specifications+/- 15 V, 600 mA
TypeDual Linear Power Supply
Worst Spur-65.42 dBV @ 150 Hz (Ripple), negative branch
Load was15 V, 250 mA
Remarkseach branch tested single



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