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Coupled Resonator L-C Bandpass


The assembled prototype

✈ Motivation

You can never have enough Power Supplies ... and Bandpass Filters. It is quite ususal, that the experiment demands for fast solutions. Finding a commercial solution is never fast. This kit allows our students to get a quick solution within one hour.

✈ Example #1, 5 MHz for Lithium

The component values have been calculated with the help of this calculator. We then verified the functionality with RFSim99. In a third step, the ideal inductors have been replaced with real world data, obtained from the datasheet. We used MLF2012 type from TDK. They are shielded and have a high Q. Formfactor is 0805 and Tolerance is 5 %. For the capacitors, we used VJ HIFREQ Series from VISHAY. The pictures below show how we did that, and what the circuit was expected to do.

Simulation Circuit ...
... and the calculated Frequency Response

And this is how this thing behaves when connected to a Network Analyser. (8753ES)

Real world performance. The upper slope is not that steep. This is caused by the capacitive coupling of the resonators.

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