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A ±15V, 1200 mA, linear regulated Power Supply

PETH-40B3 Power Supply

This Power Supply was designed as an easy Project to get used to soldering - and at the end - have something useful. The fact that factories stop producing linear Power Supplies makes it even more interesting.

✈ Circuit Description

The input section is built by a lowpass (made out of a RN102-0.6/02, current compensated choke in alliance with two 10 nF / 275 V capacitors.) A fuse of 0.4 A,T completes the input section.

Next is the transformer. We used a Toroidal Transformer (RKT 5015 :: Ringkerntrafo, 50 VA, 2x 15 V, 2x 1,66 A) for that. It outputs 2 x 15 Veff. at 1.667 Amps.

On the regulator board, there is a rectifier built out of 4 x BY500 (other diodes possible). Two large capacitors (6800µF) smooth the voltage. Following, a voltage regulator (LT1085), used as current source, is responsible for the current limiting. A 1 Ω resistor limits the current to be max. 1.25 V / 1 Ω = 1.25 A.

Following the current limiter is a voltage regulator built around a TL431CP. It mayst be adjusted with R10/R15. This shunt regulator takes current from the current source build around T2,R1,D6,D7,R6 or in the negative branch T4,T5,T6,D1,D6,R5.

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