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Sojamod-Sonar-AF.php    4838 Bytes    24-11-2023 08:03:07

Sojamod - AF

Yet another Class-D Audio Amplifier ... with the TPA3116

The assembled prototype

✈ Motivation

✈ The Design

The design was mainly inspired by the TPA3116 datasheet. (Fig. 37 page 26). We used Würth Inductors (744 771 310 0) to lower the radiation on AM bands. With the used board, pwm-frequency is at 397.2 kHz.

The IC has a metallic pad on the top side. This is to connect a heatsink. We used a heatpipe instead. By that, temperature is below 37 °C.

The output (pink + yellow) has some of the carrier noise on top, but the difference is the clean sinewave, we applied to the input. Load was 10 Ω.

As a Power Supply we used the IRM-60-24 from Meanwell (PSU), ITE, 1 Output, 60 W, 24 VDC, 2.5 A. And yes, we know that higher power amplifiers are Google's™ darling, but 10 W deemed a good starting point. We got it from Farnell. (2815521). As well as the other parts.

✈ Downloads

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