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PowerSupply-Thormod.php    5636 Bytes    17-01-2021 15:11:17

Power Supply Thormod

Yet another Power Supply ... suiteable for laboratory use

The assembled prototype.

✈ Motivation

The genuine Photodiode Power Supply from Thorlabs® did not make our physicists happy. They don't want to have a lot of bulky supplies with a fixed (always too short) cable. Rumors even say, those power supplies do radiate noise into the lab.

So, something new needed to be invented. We call it Thormod, inspired by the hammer-wielding god associated with lightning, thunder, and storms. And "mod" (as usual) means ant, something small but very useful.

✈ Specifications :

INPUT230 Vac, C14 connector
FUSEinside, 1 A slow blow
OUTPUT±12 V, 1.3 A total
CONNECTORS5 x T4030014031-000 (male)

✈ Downloads

Pinout of the connectors
A glimpse inside ...

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