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Amy Winehouse, 14.09.1983 - 23.07.2011
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Arduino/Genuino Project 'LEOMOD'

A Power Supply for ±15 V, 1 A

This project is a simple ± 15V Power Supply. Delivering 1 A. You can inject a high voltage e.g. 200 V (photodiode bias) which is output at pin 4. +15V is available at pin 1, GND is at pin 2 and -15V is available at pin 3. This is a Non - Lattice configuration !


LEMO is a registred Trademark of Dipl.-Ing. Léon Mouttet. It is also the Swiss company which makes the connectors seen in the frontpanel.

✈ What's inside ?

This Mini-Project mainly relies on the AA30D1515A. This is a 30 W Dual ±15 V type from Delta Electronics, Inc. It has the following features :

• Over Load and Over Voltage Protection
• Universal Input voltage range 85-264 VAC, 47-440 Hz
• 3kVAC Isolatoin
• High reliability under highly stressful operating conditions


View inside. Fully wired. And very straightforward. Picture courtesy of Patrick Helbingk

This project is used to demonstrate the correct earth wiring for metallic cases (Schutzklasse 1) when connected to the powerline. A second goal is to choose the correct fuse.

LASER DIN VDE 0701 / DIN VDE 0702 is a german industry standard to test devices for security. The test consists of 3 parts. (Isolation, Conductivity and Documentation). This test is mandatory for new built devices or after a repair.

Isolation is measured between the earth wire and both other wires (L and N). For this test, the device needs to be switched on. It is connected to a suiteable test-setup, e.g. MÜTER SP 701 G. The test shall not take more than 30 sec. It is passed, if the Resistance is larger than 2 MΩ.

Resistance Earth Pin towards all (from outside) accessible metallic parts. This is measured between the earth wire and with a tip, all metallic parts of the case, which can be accessed from outside. The test is passed, if the Resistance is smaller than 0.3 Ω. (for all testpoints)

Documentation is done with a fancy sticker, indicating the date, the name of the person who tested it and what kind of test was done. (DIN VDE 0701)

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