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The assembled prototype. Picture shows a lowpass.

✈ Motivation • Background

Sometimes the stocked Mini Circuits Lowpass / Highpass Filters do not meet the specificatins of our lab mice. It is then suiteable to have the components ready to hack together a lowpass (highpass) in no time. For this we designed a board which can hold any 9-pole (or less) filter type using the inductors (size 1030, 1050) of the Würth SMD WE-PD series Power Choke Coils. They are advertised for power supplies, but their shielding make them a good choice for filters, too. Capacitors can be used of size 0603, 0805 and 1206. Use NP0.

This project is not sponsored by Würth Electronics or Mouser, but we are a fan of their kit. Mouser order number is 710-7447713, 1.5 uH to 1 mH.

✈ Step 1 : Design

For the design you mayst want to use any calculator of your choice. We used RFSim99 which is a superb tool by Stewart Hyde. Calculate your filter and tweak the values to meet standard inductor / capacitor values.

A LOWPASS for 61 kHz, designed with RFSim99

✈ Step 2 : Assembly

The assembly is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Keep in mind, that you solder the capacitors first, as access to the soldering pads becomes challenging when the inductors are placed first.

✈ Step 3 : Verify the result

As no device will leave the lab without proper testing, we verified the frequency response with our hp8753E network analyzer.

A LOWPASS for 1 MHz, designed with RFSim99

It can be seen, that the output stays down to more than 500 MHz. This speaks for the inductors by Wüth Electronics.

✈ Downloads

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