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The assembled prototype

✈ Motivation

This is a Building Block for our Quantum Experimenters. It has turned out, that, unless our Quantum Computer is running at full speed, such Arithmetic Modules still are very useful for some side experiments.

Also a lot of former members ask for such devices - so here it is ...

✈ Functional Description

This is a classical Adder with Operational Amplifiers. The Inputs are buffered with an OP07 (Ultralow Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier). They present an input Impedance of 100 kΩ (Potentiometer) whilst maintaining a low output Impedance.

If more speed is necessary, they mayst be exchanged. We used sockets for all of the DIL-8 circuits. (This also allows for fast repair - just in case :-)

Finally, another OP07 buffers the "Result". Its Gain is 2 to compensate for the voltage divider.

All Inputs and outputs span a range from - 10 V upt to + 10 V. Speed varies with used OPAMP and selected GAIN.

✈ Accessories

• Power Supply, e.g. Leomod
• Lemo Cable, e.g. this or that.

✈ Downloads

✈ Share your thoughts

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