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Inverting Comparator with Hysteresis

Online components calculator • Schmitt Trigger

Trigger Point [V]

Target Hysteresis [mV]

OPAMP Output (max) [V]

OPAMP Output (min) [V]

R2 / R1 Ratio



R1 [kΩ]


R2 [kΩ]


Upper Switching Level [V]

Lower Switching Level [V]

True Hysteresis [mV]



✈ Some Design Notes

The Source impedance (reference, trigger point) must be low with respect to R1. That's why we added a buffer.

In most cases, the switching levels are not symmetrical around the trigger point, as the output voltage of the opamp is likely not symmetrical regarding the trigger point.

• Comparator with Hysteresis Reference Design by Texas Instruments
• Inverting Comparator With Hysteresis Circuit by Texas Instruments.

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