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Arduino/Genuino Temperature Controller "Ongmod"

Heat up Vacuum Chambers or cook Onsen eggs ...

This is a small project to control temperature with a heater. In case you are my boss : this is needed to heat out vacuum chambers. As this is not done that often, you may use it as well to prepare tea, or onsen eggs.

Arduino Project Ongmod

The FuMu ... and : do not put dates (year) on the frontpanel :-)

✈ The building Blocks • Functional Description

Arduino Shield Ongmod (Block Diagram)

The mastermind of this design is of course the Arduino Nano Every. It handles the user input from the rotary encoder and displays the status on the 128 x 64 px oled display.

Arduino Shield Ongmod (View inside)

View inside the case.

✈ The Power Switch

Arduino Shield Ongmod (Block Diagram)

The design uses a WG A5 6D 10Z solid state relay. It can handle 10 A and has a built in snubber circuit. It uses a control voltage of 3 ... 32 V and switches in the zero crossing of the line frequency. As the sourcing of components is hard these days, we use this module which has everything built in already.

✈ The Connector / Pinout

The Connector to the outer world is a 6-pin KFV-60 DIN jack. The 6 pins are used as follows :

 1 + 5 V
 2 GND
 3 Analog 0, for e.g. LM-35
 4 I2C SDA
 5 I2C SCL
 6 variable, tbd

✈ Failed attempts

Arduino Shield Ongmod (Temperature Sensor)

As it is possible to have pcb's made with an aluminium substrate, we were seduced to pack a TMP 101 (±2 °C Digital temperature sensor with I2C/SMBus interface) on it. It works only fine, if the water reaches close to the sensor itself. Heat conduction in the aluminium was not optimal.

✈ Second attempt : K-Type (commercial) probe with adapter

Arduino Shield Ongmod (Temperature Sensor)

This little adapter houses an MCP9600 (Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter, ±1.5 °C Maximum Accuracy) as well as an Eeprom to hold information about the sensor. After some struggling it came alive. And yes, we reduced the (I2C) "heartbeat" to 20 kHz.

✈ Downloads

✈ Application #1 : The Onsen Egg • Onsen Tamago • 温泉卵

A lot of different methods exist. Sophia is using that thermomix thing from china, whilst Nami adds up water of different temperatures.

But you are an engineer, tinkerer or physicist. That's why you are here.

Let's see how we can also do it. As a starting point, we use the data from Kenji's Food Lab : The Guide to Sous Vide Eggs. The Watercooker is filled with 1 liter ZH2O, 4 eggs (Baselbiet), each approx. 60 gr. and the Ongmod is programmed for 59 minutes at 64 °C.

Test-Setup @ Home-Office
Inside View of the kettle

The result (first test)
Temperature (Arduino, MCP9600, K-Type Sensor)

As you mayst see from the last graph, temperature stability has some headroom for optimization. By using a PID regulator, the ripple can be made much smaller. But the eggs tasted beatifully :-)

Arduino Shield Ongmod (Temperature Controller)

Temperature of Tea water, when using a PID Library to heat up.

✈ Remote Control of the Ongmod

✈ Share your thoughts

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