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Ground Breaker (Transformer)


The assembled prototype

✈ Motivation • Background

Ground Loops result, when more than one wire is used for a ground connection. These wires span up an area which can really ruin your day. The design with a transformer is suiteable for RF-signals. For digital signals, optocouplers are more appropriate. This design is mainly intended to be used for the 10 MHz Reference which is distributed to many devices in our labs.

✈ Performance

As the main application is the isolation of a 10 MHz Reference Signal, we used the SWB1010-PCL from Coilcraft. The datasheet says, that it works nicely from 5 kHz up to 100 MHz. However, the final device shows a slightly shifted upwards behaviour. We measured a lower cutoff frequency of approx. 30 kHz and an upper cutoff (both -3dB) of approx. 250 MHz.

Fig. 1 : The Frequency Response S21 at the lower end

Fig. 2 : The overall Frequency Response

The Insertion Loss in the frequency range of interest is approx. 0.5 dB.

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