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23. July 2024
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A very small power supply for Arduino / Genuino use.

This project describes a little power supply, based on a LT1074. The challenge here is the assembly or to show the students that key components shall remain accessible for service and / or repair.


The PETH-6-1074 power supply - small and cute :-)

✈ Circuit

The circuit consists of a transformer, a bridge rectifier followed by large capacitors. Following is an almost standard circuit using the LT1074 with a 47 µH inductor. This allows the use of almost any transformer.

The output voltage is adjusted to 7.5 V.

Due to the concept, the dissipated power is neglectible, but for mechanical stability - and therefore electrical stability - the Step-Down Switching Regulator has been screwed to the support. Isolation is not necessary, as the tab has gnd potential.

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