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Feedback Voltage Divider Calculator

LM 2576

Inside view of the LM 2576. Drawing courtesy of National Semiconductor. (Texas Instruments)

Reference Voltage [V]

Output Voltage [V]

    (Design Goal)

R1     Ω • kΩ • MΩ

R2     Ω • kΩ • MΩ

Error [ΔV]

True Output Voltage [V]

Choose from

Yes, the formula is easy. Yes, a sophisticated guess is also fine. But this javascript is fast and tries all 192 x 192 combinations (when choosing E24) if necessary. Suiteable for voltage regulators such as LT 1073, LT 1074, LM 2576, LM317, ...

( Yes, we have heard of this invention called 'potentiometer' - no need to send emails ;-)

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t1 = 3941 d

t2 = 610 ms

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