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HB9CV - Ruedi Baumgartner
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HB9CV Antenna Calculator

HB9CV Antenna

Frequency [MHz]

λ [mm]

Length L1 (Dir.) [mm]

Length L2 (Refl.) [mm]

Length L3 [mm]

Length L4 [mm]

Length L5 [mm]

Boom Diam. [mm]

Radiator Diam. [mm]

Spacing [mm]


• Spacing is the Distance from the Boom to the 'Gamma-Match'.
• Feeding the Antenna can be done at the Director or at the Reflector.

(If you are a HAM): Design and Adjustement is easy, as with the Capacitor you can tune the Resonance by some MHz with no effort.

(If you are my boss): Design and Adjustement is very tricky and can only be done by smart engineers with sophisticated Measurement Equipment.

HB9CV Antenna

A HB9CV designed for 1276 MHz, C = 1.8 pF (Hi-Q), optimised empirically.

HB9CV Antenna HB9CV Antenna

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