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If the LCD (Voltage) indicates unrealistics values you forgot C13 which is in the schematics but not on the PCB. Add it on the Solder Side. IC3 (LM317) is shown in wrong direction (Service Manual, page 7). Turn it by 180°
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LINEAR REGULATED POWER SUPPLY 20V, 2A - easy to upgrade.

PETH-49 Power Supply

This Power Supply was designed as an advanced Project to get used to soldering - and - at the end - have something useful.

Our students like it and so they don't mind buying it, when done.

(Of course you'll never have enough Power Supplies :-)

The Design uses a standard LM723 Voltage Regulator and some Darlington Pass Transitors. In order to reduce the dissipated power, a transformer with two secondary windings is needed. A switch will select which voltages is to be used.


PETH-49 Power Supply

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