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A small power supply for universal use.

This project describes a little power supply, based on a LM317, adjusteable from 1.25 to 30 V, delivering approx. 1 Amp. Yet another nice to have building block :-)


The PETH-317 power supply - small but useful ...

✈ Circuit

The circuit consists of a bridge rectifier, build with 4 diodes (1N5062), then a storage capacitor 3300 µF, 35V (farnell EEUHD1V332) and finally the good old 'LM317'. The circuit is not that new or stupendous, but it is a handy circuit which should be in every library of building blocks.

✈ Downloads

✈ Performance

In order to test the performance, we built some of those circuits. We used the following equipment : LD-300 DC ELECTRONIC LOAD BY TTI, FLUKE 8846 A to do the measurements. One voltage which is very often used is +5 V. The diagramm below shows the measured characteristic.

PETH-317 Kennlinie

PETH-317 Step Response

Step Response when current is increased from 100 mA to 1100 mA. When dissipating a lot of power, a heatsink mayst be adviseable.

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